Premium freeze-dried raw meat


  • yellow chicken leg "P'tit duc" supplied by "SAVEL" in Lannilis (finistère)
  • 5% plants: organic sand carrots from Landéda and strawberries from Plougastel-Daoulas
  • Organic coconut oil

100 g sachet (corresponding to approximately 400 g of hydrated raw meat)

Chicken thigh

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  • Sally & Cie products are made exclusively from fresh and raw meat, with 5% fresh vegetables, without any additives or appetizing agents. They respect the diet of the cat, which is a carnivore.

    After cutting the meat is freeze-dried, that is to say that the water is extracted by a physical process called sublimation.

    The particularity of this process is that it does not alter the nutrients contained in the food. Thus, the cat regains the possibility of eating raw and "fresh" foods, since the absence of water freezes the aging process.

    One precaution to be taken, however: only serve one dose of food at a time and close the sachet tightly to prevent the food from oxidizing.

    For a kitten one teaspoon 5 to 6 times a day, increase the amounts until the kitten is full.

    For an adult cat, depending on its weight, 3 to 5 tablespoons per day.

    Two ways to use freeze-dried food:

    1 - Like croquettes : in this case, present the food to your cat in a saucer or a bowl, not forgetting to also provide a bowl of fresh water nearby.

    2 - “Wet” food : It is then advisable to rehydrate the food.

    In the case of rehydrated food, it should be remembered that once wet, there is raw food and therefore with active bacteria. Since the cat feeds exclusively on fresh produce, meat that will not be eaten quickly should be discarded.

    General Note : Adult house cats who have been fed industrial food that contains additives for a long time will find it very difficult to change their diet. It will therefore be advisable to try, without being discouraged, various stratagems to help them return to a diet more in line with their metabolism.

    • Humidity at 70 ° C: 0.8% (+/- 0.5%)
    • Crude ash: 8.2.0% (+/- 0.3%)
    • Crude protein: 45% (+/- 1.0%)
    • total lipids: 46% (+/- 1.3%)
    • Calcium: 16,450 mg / kg
    • Phosphorus: 11,830 mg / kg
    • Taurine: 1900 mg / kg