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Where does your meat come from? Suppliers?
Sally & Cie has opted for the short circuit. Our meat and our fish come from France, more precisely from Brittany and more precisely all our suppliers are located within 10 km of our premises.
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What is freeze-drying?
It is a process that removes the water present in a product. So that it is stable and at room temperature which facilitates its conservation.
The phenomenon of sublimation (basis of freeze-drying) allows the product to keep its volume and its initial appearance as well as its nutritional properties.
This process is very long (it lasts between 36 and 48 hours), but it allows a gentle extraction of water molecules contained in food.
Two main phases:
-Freezing which determines the structure of the lyophilized product
- Primary desiccation, the good behavior of which preserves its quality
- Finally the secondary desiccation which allows always working under vacuum and at a positive temperature (dry product can withstand higher temperatures than the wet product) to obtain very low residual moisture content (less than 2%).
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How do I feed my cat with sallys?
There are two ways to feed your cat with our Sallys:
- In dry food: such as our Sallys are in the bag. It is enough to pour the daily dosage of your cat according to its weight in its bowl or its bowl. Do not forget, however, to put a bowl of fresh water nearby.
- In wet food: it is therefore necessary to rehydrate the Sallys by providing three times the weight of lukewarm water of the daily amount of food for the cat. Leave to stand for 3 minutes and enjoy!
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For example, Sally is a 3kg cat, so she needs 7g / d of sallys. Which equals 3 to 5 tbsp. To rehydrate, add 10 to 15 tablespoons of lukewarm water.
We strongly recommend feeding with wet food.

Why rehydrate the Sallys?
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Since the food has been freeze-dried (The water molecules have been extracted) and the cat becomes dehydrated quickly and does not necessarily think of going to drink water on its own, it is important to add water in his Sallys so that he can have fresh and complete food for his balance. In addition, we find here the cat's natural hydration mode.
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What do your products contain? / Sallys?
Our Sallys are made up of:
95% raw and fresh meat.
5% of plants (vegetables and fruits).
And that's all!
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My cat is fussy, how do I make the transition from his current food?
To find a healthy and balanced diet for your cat, you have to proceed slowly and step by step. This transition can take up to 8-10 days . It may not be simple, the cat is very attached to his habits and his little routine, so you should first of all:
Mix our Sallys with their usual food (80%: usual food. 20% Sallys.)
Increase the doses of Sallys over the days, until adopting a diet exclusive to our Sallys.
Some cats will prefer dry food and others wet.

What are the recommended daily doses for my cat?
For a kitten : 5 to 6 teaspoons per day, increase the amounts until the kitten is full.
For an adult cat : 3 to 5 tablespoons per day depending on its weight, in two meals.

What to do with the food left in my cat's bowl or bowl?
In the case of rehydrated food, it must be remembered that once wet, we find the original raw meat and therefore with active bacteria. Meat that will not be eaten quickly by your cat should not be eaten or reheated and rehydrated but discarded in order to avoid any illness for your cat. Either way, it is very likely that the cat will refuse to eat.
How long do Sallys keep?
Sallys can be stored for a very long time.
Thanks to freeze-drying, which makes it possible to have a very low humidity level in our sachets, the aging process of the food is blocked.
However, make sure to close the freshness sachet, store them in a dry place and above all do not add water to the freshness sachet.
Unlike some dry foods, there is no deterioration in nutrients or food quality over time.

My cat is overweight. Is there a specific range for him?
The low calorie range allows the cat to find a natural balance.
No need for a diet!
My cat is losing his hair, his coat is not silky.
Can my problem be solved with the Sallys?
Poor nutrition affects your cat's hair. Just like us, a poor diet impairs our skin and keratin quality. Mineral salts promote the creation of keratin just like copper or zinc present in natural food and of animal origin. This is exactly what Sallys (raw meat) contain.
Sally & Cie has had several positive feedbacks from its clients on this subject.

How many flavors do you have?
We have 16 different products available in 100g and 250g . Available on our online store.
We also strongly recommend to vary the flavors, the nutrient contents being different according to the meats, we will thus avoid the risk of deficiency.
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How much protein are in your Sallys?
Sallys are made up of 44% to 90% untreated animal protein. Turkey and chicken fillets are the highest in protein, with chicken thighs being much higher in taurine.

How long does a 100g packet last?
A 100 g packet lasts 10 to 12 days for a Sallys exclusive diet and for a medium sized cat.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we deliver internationally! All cats should benefit from our products, but a quote is necessary in this case (transport). We therefore recommend that you contact us.
How to order your sallys?
Simply on our website.

What are your prices?
Our ranges go from € 9.50 to € 23.90.
With two Sachet formats: 100 g and 250 g.
All available on our online store.

Why would I want to feed my cat raw food?
Cats are strict carnivores. So we have recreated the basic food of the cat in our Sallys so that it finds its own nutritional balance and not that of men.
Are Sallys kibble?
Sallys are not kibbles. They do not contain any appetizing agents, by-products or additives and we do not heat the food to give it that dry aspect of kibble.
Sallys are simply raw, fresh meat that we freeze dry.
On the other hand, in their use, they present the same ease as the croquettes: duration in time, conservation, no need of refrigerator, etc.
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How to contact us ?
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By email: contact@sallyetcie.com
For partnerships: com@sallyetcie.com

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