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Raw meat


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We're talking about Sally & Cie ...


A new approach to food for cats: freeze-dried raw meat.

This is how it all happened:

One day when I was watching my little princess Sally hesitate between kibble and a sachet of junk food, she turned to me and looked me straight in the eye, disapprovingly! Then, quietly, she went out into the garden.

An hour later, she brought me a field mouse which she put at my feet. She let herself be stroked, then picked up her prey and ate it.

I realized what I already knew: cats do not naturally eat kibble or sachets, but they are carnivores, their metabolism is made to transform raw meat, in short, I rediscovered an absolute forgotten evidence in our busy and marketable societies: cats eat mice!

I looked for how to satisfy my little animal, the BARF is a solution, but is quite complicated to implement. So I decided to get fresh and raw, freeze-dried food, in order to have food that perfectly matches the metabolism of cats with the assurance of meeting their needs perfectly.

Not finding any on the market, I finally decided to meet the needs of my princess myself and share them with those who wish!